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If you are here because you have received notification in the mail regarding abandoned property, please complete the form in Contact Us so we can get this claim filed and processed for payment. 


At CP OUTLAW DISPATCHING Assets Recovery, we work mutually with California state & county's Unclaimed Property Division in locating businesses/individuals and reconnecting them with their property. We are approved investigators by the state for getting Unclaimed State Funds processed & we hire attorneys for the county's Unclaimed Surplus Funds.  Our greatest victory is when businesses/individuals receive their funds/assets that they weren’t aware of instead of it being either held indefinitely or escheated.

Fun Fact:  Currently, there are billions of unclaimed funds in the United States. In fact, nearly 1 in 10 Americans have unclaimed funds or abandoned assets waiting to be claimed. Therefore, our goal is to dispatch these funds or assets to businesses/individuals, the rightful owner, for small percentage.


Identification of Unclaimed State Funds
When Bank Accounts, Safety Deposit Boxes, Uncashed Checks, Money Orders, Insurance Policies, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Trust Funds, Royalties, and Escrow Accounts go unclaimed, they end up in the State’s Treasury.

We work directly with the state and are approved investigators in getting the claim processed.


Identification of Unclaimed Surplus Funds
When a property is sold at an auction due to unpaid taxes or foreclosure by County, any surplus funds or excess proceeds remaining after satisfying the outstanding debts are legally owed to the previous owner or their heirs.

We hire attorneys to work with the county to ensure proper handling of the claim.

  • Research and Agreement Form

A significant amount of research is conducted to locate you. To ensure businesses/individuals are the rightful owner, a verification of proof is performed.

We send businesses/individuals an Agreement Form to initiate the process of claiming your funds/assets.


  • Title Search and Liens Check

To ensure a successful claim, we perform a thorough title search of the property associated with the unclaimed funds.

This allows us to address any outstanding liens.


  • Verification of Unclaimed Funds

Before proceeding with the claim, we confirm the availability of the unclaimed funds.

This step ensures that the unclaimed funds are accessible for
businesses/individuals to claim.

  • Preparation of Legal Documents

We take care of preparing all necessary legal documents and filing fees required to claim the unclaimed funds.

This relieves businesses/individuals of any financial burdens normally associated with the claim.


  • Notarization and Claim Submission 

Once the legal claim documents are prepared and notarized, we submit them to the appropriate County or State for businesses/individuals.

This eliminates businesses/individuals from having to deal with this time-consuming process.


  • Ongoing Follow-Up

After the claim is submitted, we follow up with the County or State to ensure that it’s progressing as it should.

We k
eep businesses/individuals updated until a successful payout occurs.

  • Successful Payout

Our process for handling the claim increases the chances of a successful payout.

We receive our contingency fee as agreed upon once the payout is disbursed to

How It Works?

Let Us Help You Claim What's Rightfully Yours!

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